Grandstanding Rangers

Out on the NTCA grass usually if a new addition to Rangers NRFC holds everyone up, is slow moving and lightweight they’ll get bypassed quite easily. But not so with NRFC’s latest acquisition of portable grandstand seating!


Having arrived in May you may have already enjoyed watching our football from up on the back bleacher or sat on the edge of your seat in the front row. Whichever takes your fancy, the cushioned seats sure are a comfy way to watch your favourite team close to the action.

And NRFC players, officials and helpers will be pleased to know that the unit’s light weight and triple-wheels means it can be easily packed away safely by just two people.

The addition of this fantastic seating was only made possible through the Tasmanian Community Fund grants and so NRFC extend a big thank you to the TCF board and staff.

So next time you’re at an NRFC match bring along family and friends so you can all sit pitch-side!