Northern Rangers met Olympia in the final round of the Victory League in a third Vs fourth fixture. Rangers needed the win to take third place, while Olympia needed just a draw to ensure they stayed put.

Tim Lunnon and Dane Hudson had pretty much a full list to pick from, and Adam Edwards came back into the starting eleven, with Tuma moving to the bench and Hingston went back to centre back.

The game was a close tussle all day, with few chances, Olympia opened the scoring from a miss clearance from defense, and Warren Wadawu controlled, drove at goal and struck over the top of Pooley to open proceedings.

Rangers battled hard all day to get the goal back, the best chance a great cut back to Rigby who struck truly, but Nester made a fine reflex save.

Josh Burk went through one on one late in the game and was clearly fouled in the box, but the referee gave no penalty, that will be interesting to see if it makes the highlights.

Rangers pushed hard, but to no avail and the Warriors escaped with the three points, a good tough battle, that could have gone either way, but congrats to the Warriors.

The Women fought out their last battle with Prospect Knights, and succumbed 4-0 to finish off a season that really should have delivered more, but bled some new players.

On Sunday the Premier League set sail for Somerset to take on a rampant side that have had their way with their opposition of late.

The lads went out with the instruction to be defensively sound and stay in the game, but within 3 minutes had coughed up the lead, a free kick just outside the area, finished by Chris Smith, with Rangers sloppy from the set play at best.

Somerset then set about on a series of attacks that produced 3 more goals to have Rangers on the ropes at 4-0 inside the first half an hour.

Rangers came out in the second half determined to get back in the game, but again lapsed in defensive concentration from a set piece and again Chris Smith scored, this time on the end of a free kick, and it was 5-0.

From here Rangers went into overdrive, wrestling pressure back and putting Somerset under the pump for the next 40 minutes.

Rangers could have been on the score board several times, hitting the cross bar from point blank range, Wani went through one on one but sprayed his chances, until a cut back with 20 minutes to play was tapped in by Wani, shortly after Hamilton was put through from some good build up play and scored, and with 15 minutes to play, Rangers had their tails up for an unlikely come back.

Somerset however pulled one more goal back with 10 to play and closed out any hope of a come back and deserved their win 6-2.

Next week the Victory League boys will again play Olympia Warriors  in the first semi final at KGV with a kick off time of 2:30.