Rangers Close, but no Cigar.

Northern Rangers travelled to KGV for the Victory Cup Final with South Hobart, the rank underdogs, but full of resolve.

Rangers launch Into Victory Cup Final.

Northern Rangers extracted revenge on Hobart Olympia Warriors for their loss last week in the last home and away fixture defeating the cashed up Warriors 3-1 to advance to the Victory Cup Final against South Hobart who defeated Tilford Zebras 3-1 also.

Northern Rangers met Olympia in the final round of the Victory League in a third Vs fourth fixture. Rangers needed the win to take third place, while Olympia needed just a draw to ensure they stayed put.

Tim Lunnon and Dane Hudson had pretty much a full list to pick from, and Adam Edwards came back into the starting eleven, with Tuma moving to the bench and Hingston went back to centre back.

The game was a close tussle all day, with few chances, Olympia opened the scoring from a miss clearance from defense, and Warren Wadawu controlled, drove at goal and struck over the top of Pooley to open proceedings.

Fourth Place Secured with Round 19 Win.

Northern Rangers Victory League side needed just one more win from their remaining 3 games to secure their place in this year’s Victory Cup.

Coming up against Kingborough in theory should have been an easy game, given the past two fixtures were 7-0 and 8-0 to Rangers, but Kingborough were not at full strength on either of those outings, and looked far more up for the challenge this time around.