Women’s Championship Coaches 2017

Northern Rangers FC welcome back 'Super Coach' Rod Fulton to the Women's group for next season.

Rod who took the helm midway through season 2015 after a horrid team atmosphere quickly changed the mood. Rod then built on the performance on the back end of the season prior to work the girls into 3rd spot on the ladder at the finish.

Anthony Hands has been added to the mix as an assistant who will bring his own knowledge but no less enthusiasm than Rod. These two are set to be another great team of coaches that the Rangers have in place for season 2017. Add Emma Langley who has put her hand up to be a future coach within the club will be brought into the mix to wet her appetite for a key role in the future.

"I'm looking forward to continuing to work with a group of players that improved so much this year, but still have plenty of improvement in them. The average age of the girls this year was 18, so as a team they are still very young, and yet to peak. However we have a core group of players closing in on 100 games, and with the younger ones now with a season under their belt, I believe the group will be better equipped to take on the top sides in the competition. Anthony Hands and Emma Langley are on board as assistants, and I'm sure that between them, they'll pick up all the things I miss." Illustrates a positive Rod Fulton.

"Rod has been a revelation since taking on the women's team midway through the 2015 season, taking a young group and getting them up the table. Rod is a great communicator and insightful. He has the emotional intelligence to get the best out of each individual in a team. The club is thrilled to have him on board again as the Women's team Head Coach for the 2017 season." Says a happy Marshall Pooley on the announcement.

Rod a modest man when it comes to the affect he had on the Women's 2016 campaign as coach, the group of Women have a very different opinion of his impact.

The Women and especially Rod will use season 2016 as a platform to push for top spot.
"They have the talent to be able to do this and the club are keen to invest more into the Women's side who have been so significant to the Senior club particularly for the last 4 seasons. The club are looking abroad to find a talented marquee signing to add that extra drive to the team. I really believe if the women can focus their attention on working hard at training, they will bring the club home a premiership within the next two seasons." Says a confident Vice-President Mark Jefferson.

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Rod Fulton

Picture - Rod Fulton