2017 NPL Captain

Northern Rangers FC are delighted to announce that Nick Lanau-Atkinson is back on the park next season, donning the captain's armband.

Nick has struggled the last few seasons to play out a full season with niggling injuries. Last season he made the tough decision to give his body the time to rest and fully recover.

"I see him as a leader and will be able to ensure what is said on the training track is then implemented on game day" Confirmed Lino Sciulli, who has been decisive in ensuring Rangers have their talisman as captain.

When asked about the appointment Nick responded "I am really excited and honoured to be named captain of Northern Rangers Football Club again this year."

"This season is a really important one for the club. The board have been working hard to get the club back to where we need to be and with the announcement of the coaching staff we are off to a positive start." Says Nick Lanau-Atkinson.

Northern Rangers FC are set to announce coaches for the Northern Women's and Men Championships in the coming weeks. The club are set to have a meeting this week to discuss the Selection Panel's recommendations. The club has also been on the lookout for players outside of the state for several months to fill key positions for their state league and their Women's team.

When we asked Nick about the coaching appointment of Lino Sciulli, "I know he will bring the drive to our team that we need to help us start getting results on the board again. Lino was very successful in his time at Launceston City and was a major factor in their improvement over the past couple of years."

"I have been working hard in the off season so I can be healthy and strong come the pre-season. I'm fully focused on having a full year of football because my last few years I have spent more time cheering the team on rather than showing what I can do on the field. I look forward to lacing up the boots." States Nick Lanau-Atkinson.

Picture courtesy of the Examiner (Nick Lanau-Atkinson against Devonport Strikers)