NRFC Awards Night 2014 

It was a professional and fun night. Numbers continue to grow and we hope to make it even bigger next year. Attendees of the dinner, I urge you to share your positive feelings about the night and try to encourage more players, past players and social members etc to come next year. Mike Palmer (CEO FFT) thoroughly enjoyed the night and commented on the great atmosphere of the club. Enjoy the off season and hopefully we can see you all next year.


2014 Award winners:

Victory League - Northern Carpet Care
Best and Fairest - Todd Hingston
Most Consistent - Tenzing Anderson
Coaches Award - Patrick L-A
Golden Boot - Shane Brassington

NPL - Sponsorship available
Best and Fairest - John Burk/Stefan Hamilton
Most Consistent - Josh Burk
Coaches Award - Mohammad Alkaraz
Golden Boot - John Wani

Under 18's - Grant Chugg Plumbing
Best and Fairest - Ash Vandervelde
Most Consistent - Pujan Subba
Coaches Award - Jesse fulton
Golden Boot - Kadell Pearce

Womens - Warbirds Flights Tasmania
Best and Fairest - Emma Langley
Most Consistent - Kate-Reid Clarke
Coaches Award - Mikayla Fulton
Golden Boot - Emma Langley

League 1 - Hotondo Homes
Best and Fairest - Tim Murfet/Sam Nugteren
Most Consistent - Hayden Vandervelde
Coaches Award - Tim Murfet
Golden Boot - Anjelo Onwija

League 2 - Anonymous
Best and Fairest - Tim Armstrong
Most Consistent - Haico Van Der Werf
Coaches Award - Joonhung Park
Golden Boot - Tim Armstrong

Under 16 (Team 1) - King Meadows Dental Practice
Ian Loft Award - Kelsey Rose Target (Perpetual) (Waive 2014 Subs)

Ellie May's Club Awards
Golden Boot - Shane Brassington
NR of the Year 'Brendan Lichtendonk Award' - Mark White
Newcomer of the Year - Stephen Pearce

Presidents Award
Cherie Chugg

Young Player of the Year - Sponsorship available
Harry Thanhausser (Perpetual)

Northern Ranger Rising Star - Melton Family
Hamish McCallum Smith (Perpetual) (Waive 2014 Subs)